Friday 17th November 2023
At The Vault, Shipley
With Indignation Meeting and Get Human.

Previous releases

The Seven Inches Get Disorientated available from BandCamp or iTunes.

The Seven Inches Test Their Mettle available from BandCamp or iTunes.

The Little Things (Sturdy Records). Available from BandCamp or iTunes
Peruvian Poncho at BandCamp or iTunes
'Openness and Honesty' available from Indie-MP3 records or iTunes

What does it mean to be a Seven Inch?

It means to be a footsoldier of beauty, with joie de vivre as your creed

Commitment to socialist folk music, soul power, classical sturm und drang, rock and roll realism, pop love, gospel truth, experimental ideology, and punk creativity.

To believe in content over competence, style over content, and honesty over style.

To provide a pop-up paper theatre, a miniature masquerade, a quixotic cultural melee. To dance and dance till the musics over

To always listen to the b-side.

To create miracles in your spare time to give you consolation in your unfree time.

To make ridiculous claims like some puffed-up charlatan, or spurious god

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